App: Zeitfenster Wesel

Zeitfenster Wesel: Time travel via app

Turn back the hands of time and experience what Wesel used to look like - it is possible with the new, free "Zeitfenster Wesel" app. Due to the destructive bombardment during World War II, the city of Wesel and its more than 700 years of history were nearly completely destroyed. This story comes alive again through the interactive app: Through so-called "augmented reality" or "advanced reality", you can travel back in time through the city and look through the camera of your smartphone or tablet like a window to the past.

Bring history to life

At 18 select stations, the users get to know the rich history of Wesel. Very simply and alone, you can go on a tour through the inner city as well as to other historical places off the beaten path. The smartphone or tablet turns into a time machine and the camera becomes a keyhole that give you a view of past times. Historic photographs cover the recorded reality. Audio guides and texts let the user dive even deeper into history.

Jan Hofer is the voice for the app

The content is created by WeselMarketing together with the Wesel city archive. The speaker for the German audio guide is the Wesel native and long-time Tagesschau speaker Jan Hofer. The students from the bilingual history class from Claus-Dieter Schmidtke in grade 11 at the Konrad-Duden-Gymnasium translated the texts into English. The student Victoria Kronemeyer took over the recording of the English audio guide.

With this innovative format, WeselMarketing opens up a completely new possibility to discover the city and its history. The two-language app is intended for Wesel residents, school classes and tourists.

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