Berlin Gate

It is located on the east side of the Wesel inner city and is the only preserved gate from the former Wesel fortification. During the decomposition from 1890 to 1895 and particularly before the end of World War II, it was damaged extensively. Nevertheless, its representative function is clearly recognisable. The restoration from 1894/95 by the town surveyor Schulze preserved the architecture of the gate construction in its basic forms. The largest portion of the figures and ornamental decorations, however, was lost.

The Berlin Gate is crowned by a trophy on the field side with the allegorical representation of glory and good reputation. Just like the other sculptural elements, it is a work by Guillaume Hulot. Nevertheless, it is a reproduction from the 19th century. The city side was destroyed in World War II. The Latin inscription on the Sim is: The fortification of the city and the citadel, which was started by the Elector of Brandenburg Friedrich Wilhelm and von Friedrich, the first kings of Prussia, was completed by King Friedrich Wilhelm from Prussia, a son of Friedrich I and grandchild of Friedrich Wilhelm, in a generous and royal manner.

The larger than life figures of Minerva and Heracles are also located on the field side between the two Doric pillars. A medal is attached directly above the sandstone figures. They show a sleeping lion with the Latin transcription: To even be afraid in tranquillity, and the flying Prussian eagle with the Latin transcription: It does not escape the sun, the motto from Friedrich Wilhelm I.



A restaurant with Italian cuisine above the gate arch. The terrace offers a great view of the newly designed Wesel pedestrian zone down to the Willibrordi Cathedral.


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