Picture book for Wesel

Wesel has a multi-faceted face - this can be seen from the "Wesel - Schöne Stadt!" picture book. This is available in the city information at the big market as well as in the Korn book store and the Mayersche book store. The timelessly beautiful and particularly personal work costs 19.80 Euro and is a great gift for those who love local things.

102 perspectives from Wesel

Eighty-six hobby and professional photographers from Wesel captured extraordinary aspects, special lighting and amazing perspectives of the city on the Rhine for one year. From more than 2,000 submitted photographs, 102 images from 34 photographers found their way into the book. They were the most impressive, surprising and exciting. Motives that only stood out at second glance, but belong to the city and make it up, are shown. Thus, the picture book invites you to discover Wesel through the eyes of the people who live and work here and feel connected with the city.

Expeditions through Wesel

The picture book takes the observer on a walk through Wesel - starting at the Rhine, Lippe and Issel through Bislich and the Diersfordter Forest to the inner city. An authentic work for those who want to discover the city or see it with a new set of eyes.

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