Diersfordt Castle

During the early 14th century, a burg was built above an old arm of the Rhine in the Bislich parish, called Diersfordt, which belonged to the lords of Hesse. Their successors, the lords of Wylich, built the facility as the centre of glory in a three-tower residential burg.

The granary from 1432 named after the gate house is evidence of this. The residential burg had to give way to a castle in the 18th century. In 1776, the conversion of the two-tower castle began, and was complete twenty years later. This castle burned down completely on December 21, 1928. The remains were removed.

The foundation stone of the current, single-tower castle, a construction by the Duisburg architect Wilhelm Weimann, was laid in August 1929. The opening was celebrated in August of the following year. At the end of World War II, the castle was damaged by a grenade. The house and tower received the currently existing temporary roofs shortly after the war when British military commanders stayed there.

Currently, the castle is privately owned by the Beichert Family and can be rented for festivities or conferences.

Tip for music lovers:

At the end of every August, the Sommerton Festival is held at the castle.

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