Diersfordt Forest and game park

The entire region consists of sand dunes from the ice age, some of which are filled with old, gnarly oak, red birch and forest pine. Small moor areas are found throughout where rare types of animals and plants are abundant.

The Diersfordter Forest nature reserve offers two records at once: it is the largest oak forest in North Rhine Westphalia where you can find the largest population of the otherwise rare stag beetles. A charming hiking route through the Diersfordter Forest is named after the "flying buck", as the Dutch call it.

Game park

The lords of the castle from Diersfordt decided to create a 1,800 hectare game park for hunting in 1850. Red deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar now live in the 350-hectare park. With some luck and patience, you can watch shy animals from the outlook huts. Passages allow hikers access to the park.

"Großes Veen" moor

The "Große Veen" is a moor landscape in the northeast part of the Diersfordter Forest with an extraordinary variety of animals and plants. The "Veen" term describes a habitat that is similar to a moor or swamp.

The Große Veen is the largest moor in the Wesel area and has existed since the 17th century according to the files from the Diersfordt castle archives. Nature lovers can experience this unique landscape and its special inhabitants on the moor experience route, a circuit that sometimes leads over wood planks.

The rare dragonfly type "little white-faced darter", the moor frog and rare plant types such as red peat moss, sundew, cotton grass or bog rosemary are just a few of the many types that make the "Große Veen" a special gem.

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