Diersfordter Waldsee

The large Diersfordter Waldsee was created through excavations. Until 2030, raw materials, particularly pebble, will be mined. The lake currently has an area of 200 hectares, it will grow to about 300 hectares once all excavation work is completed.

Thanks to the habitats created by the recultivation work, the Diersfordter Waldsee offers several rare types of animals and birds such as common tern and Mediterranean gull. Meister Bockert, the beaver, is at home in the northern Waldsee.

Recreation and relaxation - from boating to guided canoe trips

With the "MS August", you can join guided excursions over the lake and get a closer look at the artificially created habitats (registration required, see contact).

For those looking for relaxation, a cycling and hiking path created in 2006 leads the way to watch nature directly on the shores of the Diersfordter Waldsee. Multiple lookout platforms offer a wonderful view of the lake with its island habitats. Information panels inform about nature protection and recreation around the lake. Furthermore, you can view a historic excavator - the "Museumsgreifer". A dock for boats was created on the southern shore of the lake for sailors. Furthermore, guided paddle tours over the lake are offered (registration required, see contact).

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