There is always a reason or occasion to plant a tree, there are no restrictions. Whether a wedding, a baptism or a wedding or company anniversary, each of these experiences has its place in the "Ereigniswald" in Wesel. With the planting of a tree, the tree owners also support climate protection and make our city look nicer.

Ereigniswald in the Aue

Residents or companies from Wesel can plant their individual tree since 2013 and contribute to the creation of this unique forest. When selecting the trees, attention was paid to ensure that only local species are planted. Two headlands directly behind the RWE Auestadion offer enough space with around 30,000 m² so that the trees can grow free. The first planting area has been completely filled with 160 trees since 2015. Another 100 trees are available for the second area.

Each year in late fall, the city of Wesel holds a large plant festival together with the WeselMarketing GmbH, the natural protection association and the ASG where the trees are handed over to their owners in a celebratory manner.

Your own tree

If you want to "eternalise" a special event with the purchase of a tree, you can purchase your very own tree for a one-time price of € 195. The price includes the proper planting and lifelong care. Furthermore, the tree owners receive an individual certificate of ownership, a tree passport and a name plate.

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