March 03, 2019

The "Donkey Medal"2018/2019 went to ...

The awarding of the "Donkey Medal" from the city of Wesel is without a doubt one of the highlights of the Carnival season. Entrance starts at 9:30 AM. The event begins at 10:30 AM. Admission is free of charge.


The idea to use the donkey as the figure for the city came about in 1971. The Wesel Councilman Wilhelm Schulte-Mattler appeared as the "Esel von Wesel" (Donkey from Wesel) for his club, the field marker carnival committee. For the next session, he recommended naming an "Esel von Wesel" - particularly with a look at the advertising effectiveness.

The "funniest action in the funniest sense" is awarded. Well-known personalities qualify for the award if they "had the courage to make an unusual decision"and were prepared to "bear all consequences - also the Donkey Medal from Wesel - with humour." The action is only one criteria for the selection. The award is also given to people who go out into the world on behalf of Wesel whether they come from Wesel or the Lower Rhine, are publicly active in the media and answer the famous "mayor question" or praise the "Donkey from Wesel". The council consisting only of members distinguishes the respective winner in the Niederrheinhalle. This event is always "free of charge".

The donkey award, which is traditionally given on Carnival Sunday, quickly became a popular, very successful event that gains attention even beyond the region. Corresponding winners from politics, radio and television are also responsible for this, as their presence alone made sure that the media reported about the event throughout the nation.

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