For 25 years, the Klompenweg "op weg naar de buren" stretches from Arnheim over Wesel to Duisburg. The 142 kilometre hiking path is there to promote the connection of the people between Germany and the Netherlands. What would be better than naming the route "Klompen" - the historic everyday object from the Lower Rhine region on this side and beyond the border. The so-called "Klompen" are typical Dutch wooden shoes that can also be heard rattling through the villages on the German side.

The Klompenweg starts in Arnheim, the capitol of the Gelderland province in the Netherlands. And those who follow the paths marked with the "Klompen" symbol will go on an exciting trip through the nature, culture and history of our region.


Wesel-Hünxe section
Lengthapprox. 15 km (36 metres elevation gain)
Duration3 to 4 hours without breaks
Difficultyeasy hiking tour
Path marking"X", "A3"



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