Touch, smell and taste nature in the NABU-Naturarena: Embedded in the idyll of the Lower Rhine between the Bislich Rhine dyke and Diersfordter Forest, the NABU group Wesel has created a natural refuge. The site of the NABU-Naturarena on the street "Auf dem Mars" serves as an ecological natural experience and experience zone for children, youths and adults.

Natural experience

On an area of more than 7,000 m², different Lower Rhine habitats were created to discover, experience and learn. Getting to know and understand natural experiences and ecological interdependencies are in the foreground in the NABU-Naturarena. The project creates actions and events to experience the environment - particularly for children and youths at an age of 3 to 18 years.

The NABU group Wesel is the environment association with the most members in NRW. Its members are dedicated to preserving the Lower Rhine cultural landscape and children and youth education on the environment.


Elements of the NABU-Naturarena

  • Benches and wall hedges
  • Meadow orchard
  • Deadwood and beetle garden
  • Herb and butterfly garden
  • Inset wall
  • Nesting possibilities for all types of animals
  • Natural ponds
  • Moist meadows and dry hills


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