Moving about in the Rhine Hanseatic Cities

Go on a trip to the cities of the Rhine Hanseatic League: Emmerich am Rhein, Kalkar, Grieth, Wesel and Neuss.

Several important constructions are a testament to the great riches that the Hanseatic Cities once had. The most important route of the Hanseatic people, Father Rhine, is your constant companion and will greet you often while visiting the Lower Rhine Hanseatic cities. Nature, culture, beautiful landscapes, wonderful hosts and regional delights will amaze you. The offer is rounded off by the historic Hanseatic Festival and colourful markets so that it is always worth a visit regardless of the season.

We put together three interesting tours that invite you to dive into the fascinating era of the Hanseatic League - we look forward to your visit!

Offers: Culinary tour

The most important route of the Hanseatic League, Father Rhine, is your constant companion. It takes you from city to city and helps you experience nature, culture and beautiful landscapes up close.

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