Preußen Museum NRW (Pruisenmuseum)

Note: The museum will remain closed until 2017 due to comprehensive restoration work.

The central topic of the museum is the question regarding the interdependencies between Prussia and the Rhineland. The phenomenon of Prussia with all of its political, social, economic and cultural implications should be made clear with this.

The tour through history begins with "zero hour", the collapse of the Prussian state, and leads from there back to the beginnings of the Prussian time. Topics such as "Economy and Society", "Church and Education" or "Humans, Military Technology, War" are discussed in their development. The completion is formed by the epoch sequence "The End of Prussia 1918 to 1945". The generous use of multimedia makes it possible for the visitors to actively become enveloped in the topic.

The former "Krönermagazin" (grain depot) from the Wesel fortification citadel, which was constructed around 1830, serves as the museum building. While the cellar still has the historic room division with arches, new room units were created on the ground floor and upper floor. The visitor is greeted on the north side of the building by a spacious glass foyer with a museum shop, cafeteria and auditorium.


Comprehensive restoration measures are planned in the museum and will last until 2017. During this time, the museum will remain closed to the public.

During the construction phase, a selection of the shop offerings as well as a few exhibits from the Napoleon times will be presented in the local Schill exhibition. The cooperation with the city of Wesel is planned to begin in July 2015. Tours in the area outside of the historic citadel and in the Schill casemates add to the offer.

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