Black Water

The "Schwarzes Wasser" moor pond is one of the most popular recreation regions in Wesel and is the destination for impressive hikes. The name "Schwarzes Wasser" is based on the brown-black colour of the water, which is due to the humin from the moor vegetation flushed out of the peat. The region was identified as a nature preserve in 1936 and is therefore one of the oldest in North Rhine Westphalia.

Creation during the Ice Ages

The only existing moor pond on the Lower Rhine was created during the Ice Ages. A depression was formed with an impermeable clay layer between the dunes blown about by the wind. This area is still fed only with rain water.

Hiking circuit

You can discover the pond with its unique flora and fauna from a circuit. The region is home to a variety of animals and plants, which have adjusted to the extreme conditions of the low-nutrient moor pond. You can watch a variety of dragonflies and ants. Woodpeckers and frogs also make themselves noticed. Furthermore, you will find the only existence of the water plantain in the Wesel district, a water plant that is at risk of becoming extinct in NRW.


From the Bocholter Straße (B 473) turn on to the Kanonenberge street (towards the THW premises), there is a small parking lot at the end of the street.

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