Segway tour

Start on an exciting tour around Wesel on wheels. Experienced teachers will instruct you how to use the Segway and then you can let the fun begin. Discover the landscape up to 20 km/h.

During this tour, you can enjoy the beauties of the Lower Rhine comfortably from a Segway. The nearly 12-kilometre Segway route can be completed in around two-and-a-half hours and you can see much more than on foot. It gives you a great complete impression of the nature as well as the land surrounding Wesel.

Individual appointments are possible with a corresponding number of participants.


Segway tour

Duration 2.5 - 3 hours
Cost 60.00 € per person
Participants at least 4 people
Appointments 2017, April 28, May 26, June 23, July 29, August 25, September 22, October 20
Beginning 17:00 (except April and October: 16:00)
Off-road; meeting space: Piers old Rhine bridge on the Rhine promenade

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