Typical Lower Rhine

The Lower Rhine: Not just the location, but rather also the stunning region impresses here: Gnarly moors, straight tree boulevards, yellow fields of rapeseed, meadow landscapes and old arms of the Rhine, romantic lakes and moors, orchards and fields characterise the landscape and attract guests to a diverse natural experience. Regardless of if on foot, by bicycle or as a water hiker - the lower Rhine landscape is always impressive.


Barely any German landscape has such a long history as the Lower Rhine region, which has been settled since prehistoric times and bloomed at first under Roman rule. The name does not just describe the underflow of the Rhine, it also stands for the land on both sides of the river.

Core area

The region stretches out in the western area of North Rhine Westphalia between the Rhine and the Netherlands. The core region of the Lower Rhine includes the districts of Kleve, Wesel and Viersen as well as the cities of Krefeld and Duisburg. Furthermore, the eastern and southern edge includes parts of the cities of Isselburg and Oberhausen, the Rhine district of Neuss, the city of Monchengladbach and the Heinsberg district. More than 2 million people live in this area, which has no classic borders.

Wesel is located in the "Lower Rhine" area, which stretches from Duisburg along the Rhine through the Wesel and Kleve districts to the Dutch border.

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