Fortification history Wesel

This city tour tells of the backgrounds of the Wesel fortification history with the citadel. The special thing: The tour does not require much walking, because the main gate building of the citadel acts as the contextual framework and symbol for the topic of fortress design in Wesel.

This city tour can also be booked as an extended bus tour. In addition to the history of the citadel, there is also the Büderich district on the left of the Rhine because here you can also find the traces from the fortress time.

 Fortification historyCitadel and Büderich bus tour
Duration1,5 hours2 hours
Cost5,00 € / person10,00 € / person
Participantsat least 10 peopleat least 25 people
DateAppointment on request on requestAppointment on request on request


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