Wesel today

Influenced by diverse relaxation and recreation options, this location directly on the Rhine and Lippe, offers a rich selection of cultural as well as distinct shopping possibilities making Wesel an attractive destination in the region. With around 62,000 residents, the city on the Rhine and Lippe belongs to the edge of the metropolitan zone of the Ruhr region and has an amazing infrastructure as well as a convenient location.

Pedestrian Zone Magnet

Promenade, impressive boulevard or Champs-Elysées of the Lower Rhine: these impressive names are often used to describe Wesel's newly designed pedestrian zone. With a length of 700 metres and a width of up to 20 metres, the city promenade runs through the city and reveals itself in a fresh, bright and modern manner. The Wesel retailers offer an attractive mix all along the shopping area. The large retailers on the one hand and the many owner-led shops on the other side characterise the image and make it extremely exciting to shop there.

"Vesalia Hospitalis" - hospitable Wesel

The city received this honourable name "Vesalia Hospitalis" in the 16th century from the Dutch religious refugees. Wesel therefore feels obligated by this honorific to be a good host. Tourism is a strongly growing economic factor that attracts additional buying power. Public events such as the historic Hanseatic Festival, the PPP City Festival or the Weseler Winter coupled with natural cycling or hiking comprise the tourism aspects of Wesel.

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