Wesel Cathedral Music

The church music in Wesel is based on a long tradition and is closely connected with the history of the organ construction in the Willibrordi Cathedral, which reaches back to the 15th century.

A large organ was made by the Sauer company from Frankfurt (Order) in 1895, which was the largest organ in West Germany for some time. The gifted organist Karl Straube came to Wesel in 1897 to take over the organist position. He became a virtuoso on the organ from the Willibrordi Cathedral, which in turn made him world famous. Thomaskantor in Leipzig became the eleventh successor of Bach in Leipzig. Karl Straube was close friends with Max Reger and premiered important works from Reger in Wesel, which were seen as impossible to play at that time.

Under the direction of the cathedral canton Ansgar Schlei, the tradition of the Wesel church music was furthered. The "Wesel Cathedral Concerts" have long been a fixed date in the cultural calendar from Wesel and have value beyond the region. And the "Music at the Market" also promotes music in the cathedral during the first Saturday of each month.

The traditional offers also include the "Long Night of the Organ" during the Wesel culture night in September as well as concerts during the international organ festival "Orgelherbst am Niederrhein" on Saturdays during October.

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