Summer at the Auesee

The Auesee attracts guests from near and far to Wesel as a popular destination. The lake is located near the Rhine and is the result of the extraction in the Rhine meadows. The entire region around the lake is reserved for relaxation and water sports and partially identified as a nature preserve. Alone the numbers are impressive here: The lake has a total area of 160 hectares and there is enough space to relax on a 60,000 sqm. grassy area.

The lake has a bay for swimming with a lawn and sand beach for swimmers. There is a marked area on the flat shore for those who cannot swim. The DLRG ensures the safety of the guests on the weekends and holidays.

A kiosk, a restaurant and an ice cream stand take care of guests' other needs. Self-caterers can use the marked grilling spaces. Well-kept, accessible toilet facilities are available to the guests as well.

Surfers, sailors and recreational divers are welcome.

Surfers will enjoy their time at their own section of the beach just as recreational divers will. Countless divers research the 11 metre depths of the Auesee, where a shipwreck was purposely planted on the bottom.

A dock for small sail boats, a dock and an identified diver's entrance make it easier for water sports lovers to enter the lake. Collisions with swimmers are not possible, because the swimming area is marked off with buoys.

Beach volleyball, cycling and jogging

Two beach volleyball fields wait for athletes and there is also space for football or frisbee here. An attractive circuit (approx. 7 km) leads walkers, joggers and cyclists through the landscape protection area around the lake. For those who do not want to go so far, they can also travel along the illuminated running path on the peninsula (3.6 km).

The water quality has been very good for years. Constant controls by the Wesel administrative offices confirm this. The swimming water quality map from NRW certifies the best water quality of the lake as well. Even though the lake was artificially created as a quarry pond, it fits harmonically into the landscape, which offers a habitat for countless plants and animals as a landscape protection region. Plants such as pondweed, water milfoil and stonewort can be found in the lake. Those who love animals can view perch, rudd, but also capital pike and carp as well as mussels and crab. A protected bird island and floating area offer the feathered residents of the Aue a protected space.

Dogs are not allowed

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at the Auesee. However, there is a small dog area a little bit away from the bay near the RWE Auestadion.


Admission to the Auesee is free of charge. A parking fee of 10 € per vehicle is charged (starting at 16:00 only € 5). Two-wheelers (motorcycles, mopeds) pay € 2. Parking outside of the marked parking spaces is explicitly prohibited. Season pass for cars starting at 55 €.


The Auesee can be reached through highway A 3, exit Hamminkeln, then take the B 473 towards Wesel on the Reeser Landstraße. From the Wesel exit, the route leads over the Schermbecker Landstraße, Hagerstownstraße and Nordstraße.

From the A 57, Wesel exit, you can take the B 58 over the Rhine. Follow the B8 on the left in Wesel until you find the sign.

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