Historical places in Wesel: The Schill casemate in the citadel

In 1809, 11 Prussian officers who had taken part in an uprising by the Prussian Major Ferdinand von Schill against Napoleon were shot in Wesel. After their capture in Stralsund, they were taken to Wesel Fortress, which belonged to the Prussian Empire at the time, and sentenced. Until their execution on 16 September 1809, the officers were housed in the main gate building of the citadel. In the casemate rooms of the citadel's main gate, the authentic site of their imprisonment, a documentary shows the background and context of the events of that time.

To commemorate the anniversary of the death of the eleven Schill officers, a monument designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel was unveiled on 31 March 1835 at the site of their execution on the Lippe meadows.

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