Stagbeetle and Moorland

Two great hiking tours through the centre of Diersfordt Forest: the stag beetle route and the moorland adventure trail.

Both routes can be walked independently or combined to form a longer (6.5 km) hike. 

The starting point is the hikers' car park on Emmericher Straße Diersfordt at the southern entrance to the game enclosure. The main trail and the stag beetle route that soon follows (approx. 3.7 km) run along a gravelled path through a near-natural mixed oak and pine forest. This is easily accessible for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

With a bit of luck, ideally in the early hours of the morning or at dusk, red and fallow deer, wild boar or mouflon can be spotted here. Two observation pulpits provide further views of the forest dwellers.

Information boards along the way provide explanations about the forest and its inhabitants, such as the stag beetle, the namesake of the hiking route. The "flying stag", as the Dutch call it, is the largest beetle in Germany and has the largest population in NRW in Diersfordt Forest.

Further north is the unpaved moorland adventure trail (approx. 2 km), which leads over wooden planks through the moorland landscape with wet heaths and dry inland dunes. Sturdy footwear is recommended! 

Due to the wild animals, there are no benches or litter bins.