In the middle of the natural landscape of the Lower Rhine in the district of Diersfordt lies the castle complex, built in 1432, with a rococo church and its own water features.

History of the castle:

As early as the 14th century, a castle called Diersfordt, which belonged to the Lords of Hesse, stood above an old arm of the Rhine in the parish of Bislich. Their successors, the Lords of Wylich, systematically developed the complex into the centre of a lordship with a three-towered residential castle. The granary called Porthaus dating from 1432 still bears witness to this today.

In 1776, the conversion to a castle began, which was completed a good twenty years later. However, the castle burned down completely on 21 December 1928.

Diersfordt Castle today:

The foundation stone for today's castle complex, a building designed by architect Wilhelm Weimann, was laid in August 1929. The inauguration was celebrated in August of the following year. At the end of the Second World War, the castle was damaged by shelling. Shortly after the war, when the British military commander was quartered there, the house and tower were given the provisional roofs that still exist today.

The castle is privately owned by the Beichert family and can be hired for celebrations and conferences.